Learn from God

One day my son and I were playing with his stuffed dog, Rufus. I was playing with Rufus like he was a puppet.
My son and Rufus played together well. Then I made Rufus throw the toys and behave badly. My son firmly told Rufus that he was not acting like he should. Later I made Rufus do something good. My son praised Rufus for his good behavior.
This experience taught me that my son had learned some good lessons from me. That made me happy. But then I remembered the times that I was upset with my son or when I was tired and grouchy. I was thankful that my son did not remember those times!
God teaches us new things every day. He teaches us these things through His Word, the Bible, and through other people. Then He watches as we respond to things that happen to us. We don’t always make the right choices, but God still loves us anyway.
Study the Bible to learn from God. Then use what you learn in your everyday life.