Learning to Pray

The New Testament books of Matthew and Luke include some important things Jesus taught His disciples about prayer. Jesus taught what kinds of things to say/sign when we pray. He also taught what kind of attitude we should have when we pray.
In our Bible Reading today we find Jesus? prayer. Some people call this ?The Lord?s Prayer.? Many Christians around the world have memorized these words in their own language. But, Jesus does not want us to only say/sign these exact words when we pray.
In the next few devotions, we will look at the words of the Lord?s Prayer. We will also talk about the lessons Jesus taught when He spoke this prayer. Finally, we will learn what these words teach us about praying.
In verses 5-13 of our Bible Reading, Jesus taught that we should pray often. We must continue to ask God for the things we need. If we are faithful in our prayers, God will pay attention to what we say.