Lemon Pie

Some friends were coming to my house for dinner. I wanted to make a special meal for them. I decided to make a delicious lemon pie for dessert.
This kind of lemon pie was not easy to make, and it required lots of time. I used fresh lemons, and I measured the ingredients well. I made the pie crust the night before and rolled out the dough the next morning. I carefully prepared the filling and poured it into the crust.
As the pie was baking, I found out that my friends could not come to my house. I was so sad. I had worked and worried over that pie. Then I remembered the story in our Bible Reading today. I realized that working and worrying about guests is not really important. What is important is my relationship with Jesus!
No matter what you are doing today, be sure that you do the most important thing — spend some time with Jesus. Read His Word and talk to Him, just like Mary did!