Lessons from God

God teaches us many lessons throughout our lives. But sometimes we fail to learn from these lessons. Then we keep making the same mistakes again and again.
In our verses today, the writer tells us about the wonderful things God did for the Israelites. God parted the Red Sea, and He led them every day. Then God gave them water from a rock. But instead of trusting God, the Israelites said (verse 20), “Yes, he struck the rock and a flood of water came out. But can he give us bread and meat?” These people had not learned the lesson about God’s faithfulness.
I have a friend who is always worried about the future. He tells me about the wonderful things God has done in his life. But my friend hasn’t learned that God will take care of him in the future, too.
It is important for us to learn from the Israelites. Instead of questioning God, we should think about the wonderful things He has done. Then we should feel safe, knowing that God will continue to love and protect us.