Lessons from Mark (4)

Our Bible verses today tell us a very sad story about the death of John the Baptizer. John preached the message about Jesus and showed people that they needed to repent. But some people were upset when John told them they needed to change their lives.
“Herod was afraid to kill John, because he knew that he was a good and holy man” (verse 20b). But Herod allowed John to be killed. Later, when Jesus began His ministry, Herod thought that Jesus was John the Baptizer raised from the dead. King Herod did not understand who Jesus really was.
Today many people still do not understand who Jesus is. Some people believe that Jesus is the brother of the devil. Other religions teach that Jesus was just a good man — not the Son of God.
Be careful today. When people tell you about Jesus, make sure that they are telling the truth found in the Bible.