Lessons on the Road (2)

There is a very narrow road near my home. This road has two lanes of traffic, and there are businesses on both sides of the road. If I drive down that road and want to make a U-turn, both lanes of traffic will have to stop. This will create a traffic jam. That’s why there is a yellow sign on that road that says, “No Turn Around.”
Sometimes things happen in life, and we become sad, disappointed or depressed. We may even want to give up and turn away from God. But we need to remember that we should not stop following God.
In our Bible Reading today, Paul wrote to Christians in Galatia. When these people became Christians, they became free in Jesus. They were no longer slaves to their old life of sin. But some of these Christians wanted to reject God and go back to their life of sin.
Paul reminded these Christians that they should keep focused on Jesus. There are no U-turns in the Christian life. We should keep following Jesus every day. I hope you will keep following Him today!