Let God Speak to You

When we are busy with our daily activities, it is easy to ignore God and rely on our own strength. Sometimes a sudden illness or tragedy will force us to stop and look to God for help and strength.
I experienced this recently when my niece was seriously injured in a car accident. I lay awake at night praying for her, and I thought about her during the long drive to the hospital and the hours spent in the hospital waiting room. During this time, God brought many Bible verses to my mind. I had known these verses for years, but God used them to teach me new truths and to comfort me.
Our Bible verses today talk about God being our protection and source of strength. Two times the writer says, “The Lord All-Powerful is with us” (verses 7 and 11). Then in verse 10a God says, “Stop fighting and know that I am God!”
Don’t wait until something bad happens to you. Think about God’s power today and allow Him to speak to you through His Word. Do it now!