Letter to Ephesus (2)

In our Bible verses, Paul reminded the Ephesian Christians that in the past they were spiritually dead. Why? “…because of your sins and the things you did against God” (verse 1). These people were not living for Jesus. They were living “the way the world lives” (verse 2b).
Then Paul reminded these Christians that God is full of love and mercy. He gave them a new life in Jesus. Paul also told them that they were saved by God’s grace. This was good news for the Ephesians.
This good news is for us today, too. We can have forgiveness and the promise of eternal life through God’ grace. In verse 7 Paul described this as “the amazing richness of his grace.”
We cannot do anything to earn God’s grace — it is His free gift to us. I hope that you have accepted this wonderful gift from God!