Letter to Ephesus (7)

In our Bible verses today, Paul encouraged the Ephesian Christians to pray. He said (verse 18a), “Pray in the Spirit at all times.” Paul wanted these people to have good communication with God.
Paul also said, “Pray with all kinds of prayers, and ask for everything you need” (verse 18b). Paul wanted these Christians to know that they could pray anytime and talk to God about anything. Paul’s words must have encouraged them a lot.
Paul continued in verse 18b, “Always pray for God’s people.” We need to pray for other Christians. We should pray that they will stay strong in their faith and that God will provide their daily needs. Then in verse 19 Paul asked the people to pray for him. Why? So that he could continue preaching about Jesus. We should pray for our pastors, Bible teachers and missionaries as they share the Good News about Jesus.
Be sure that you pay attention to Paul and take time to pray.