But God was not finished with Pharaoh yet! He sent a third plague on Egypt. God told Moses and Aaron what to do. Exodus 8:17 tells what happened. “They did this. Aaron raised his hand and hit the dust on the ground, and everywhere in Egypt the dust became lice. The lice got on the animals and the people.”

Many Bible scholars are not sure of the meaning of the Hebrew word in verse 17 that describes these insects. Some think it means lice. Others think it means gnats or fleas. So we don’t know for sure what kind of insects they were. Can you imagine having lice or gnats or fleas everywhere around you? That was another terrible plague!

And one more thing probably made this plague even more terrible. Small insects like lice, fleas and gnats are often eaten by frogs. Frogs help control the insect population. But all the frogs were dead, so they couldn’t eat the insects. Those insects were everywhere!

God was powerful then, and He is still powerful today. God controls everything in nature. And He has made a wonderful balance so that one kind of insect or animal doesn’t grow and fill the earth. Thank God today for His plan for a balanced and orderly world.