Mike and Jack worked for the same company. One day their boss announced that he was looking for a new manager. Both Mike and Jack wanted to become a manager.
When the boss interviewed Mike, Mike told lies about Jack. Mike told the boss that Jack stole money from the lunchroom. He also said Jack played games on his computer instead of doing his work. The boss believed what Mike said. The boss hired Mike as a manager and fired Jack from his job!
Our Bible Reading tells us about a man named Stephen. He told the Jews that they should follow Jesus. Many Jews argued with Stephen. Some of these people wanted to kill Stephen. So they persuaded other men to tell lies about Stephen. Many more Jews believed these lies. In Acts chapter 7, we read that the Jews took Stephen and stoned him to death.
Maybe you told a lie so your co-worker or family member would get into trouble. God does not want us to tell lies about other people. God wants us to always tell the truth.