Life Forever

During a summer rainstorm, the wind blew my banana tree down. I was packing to move to another city, so I decided to take the tree with me to my new house.
I put the tree in a bucket of water and leaned it against the fence. In a few days, the tree trunk began to turn brown, and the leaves fell off. The tree looked dead. But I was determined to move that tree to my new house, 300 miles away.
Later I put the tree in my car and drove to my new house. When I finally had time to plant the tree, it really looked dead. But one day I looked and saw three little green plants coming out the bottom of the tree. The tree had new life again.
If we are without Jesus, we are like my dying tree. But Jesus can give us new life. In verse 10 of our Bible Reading, Jesus said, “I came to give life — life that is full and good.” You can accept God’s wonderful gift of salvation through Jesus and receive life forever with Him. Then you will truly be alive!