Light (1)

Once my husband and I went camping. One night I went to take a shower. When I went into the shower house, it was still a little light outside. But when I finished my shower, it was dark. Our campsite was only a short distance from the shower house. But I was not sure I could find my way back in the dark.
After walking a short distance, I could see a light. It was the campfire my husband had built. By walking toward the light of the fire, I was able to find my way back.
This reminds me of life. Sometimes I am tempted to do wrong. I feel the darkness of sin around me. But then I remember Jesus. In our Bible Reading, Jesus said that He is the “light of the world” (verse 12b). He shows me through the Bible what I should do.
When we are tempted to do wrong, we need to pray and ask for God’s help. And we need to remember that Jesus is the Light Who will show us the right way.