Light (2)

When I was young, my family lived only a few blocks from my grandmother. Sometimes after supper, we would walk to visit Grandma. We usually stayed until it was dark outside.
I always walked near my parents when we were walking home. Why? Because I was afraid of the dark. Everything seemed so scary in the dark! The noises frightened me. But when I walked close to my parents, I felt safe. My parents loved me and didn’t want me to be frightened.
Sometimes bad things happen to me, and I start to feel afraid. The devil wants me to worry and not trust God. The devil wants me to live in the darkness of sin. When I am afraid, I need to remember verse 1 of our Bible Reading, “Lord, you are my Light and my Savior, so why should I be afraid of anyone?”
My parents helped me feel safe when I walked in the dark. When I trust God, I can feel safe in a world full of sin. I hope you will trust God today. You can always depend on Him to be your light!