Little Children

Once a little girl named Lisa lived across the street from a church. On Sunday mornings, Lisa watched the people go into the church. Finally Lisa asked her mother, ?Can we go to church, too??
Lisa?s mother took her to Sunday School class. But while Lisa was in class, her mother went back home. One day Lisa said, ?It is so sad that fathers and mothers leave their children at church. They should go to church, too.? So right then Lisa?s mother decided to start going to church.
Lisa and her mother became active members in the church. They grew stronger in their Christian faith. This is an example of how a little child led an adult to Jesus.
In verse 14b of our Bible Reading, Jesus said, ?Let the little children come to me…because the kingdom of heaven belongs to people that are like these children.? We should all want to be like children. We should want to be like Lisa and tell other people about Jesus and His love.