Little Things

I couldn’t find my eye glasses. I searched, but I couldn’t find them anywhere in my house. As I completed my morning chores, I prayed God would help me find them. I picked up the covers on my bed, and I heard something fall to the floor. It was my glasses! I was so happy to find them. My glasses were just little things, but God helped me find them.
This reminds me of our Bible Reading today. A group of prophets needed a larger house. These men asked Elisha to go with them as they cut down trees to build the house.
While the prophets were working, an iron axhead fell into the water. The young prophet was upset because he had borrowed the ax from another man. Elisha could have ignored the prophet. The axhead was just a little thing. Instead, Elisha used God’s power to bring the axhead to the top of the water.
These verses help me remember that God cares about the little things that happen in my life. Praise God for His great love!