Live a Pure Life

The second and third chapters in Revelation include special messages from Jesus to His followers. Each message is to a specific church, but all Christians can learn from these messages.
Today’s Bible Reading is the message to the church in Pergamum. The people in this church were faithful to Jesus, even though people in their city were killing and hurting Christians. Their faith was strong, but they were allowing false teachers to meet with them. This did not make Jesus happy.
The false teachers were probably teaching that it was okay to sin, because Jesus paid the price for our sins. They probably taught that Christians could join people who worshiped idols and sinned sexually, as long as they still believed in Jesus.
It is true that Jesus took the punishment for our sins by dying on the cross. But He wants us to change our lives when we accept Him. With Jesus as our Savior, He helps us to stop sinning. He helps us to live a life that will lead other people to Him.