Live by Faith

Sometimes in life we face bad situations. We may think these situations are impossible to overcome. Maybe we ask God to show us what to do. But often we do not really trust God to lead us. We do not let God help us take care of our problems.
If we really trust God, we should always have an attitude of praise. Even before God shows us His will, we should praise Him for His answers to our problems. Sometimes this means that we might be uncomfortable. We might need to stop worrying and depend on God to guide us.
In our Bible Reading today, Paul talked about living by faith. Paul wanted to die and be with God forever. But Paul also wanted to work for God here on earth. Finally, Paul decided to trust God to lead him. Paul said in verse 7, “We live by what we believe, not by what we can see.”
Give your problems, your decisions and your frustrations to God today. Praise Him for the way He leads you and takes care of you.