Live Carefully

The things that we say and sign are very important. But we need to be careful how we communicate with other people. If we are not careful, we can sometimes hurt people?s feelings or spread gossip and lies.
In our Bible Reading today, James tells us to be careful. If I love God, I will be careful to communicate wisely. I want my speech and signs to encourage people. I want God to use me to tell His message to other people. But sometimes my words may be hurtful or my opinions may be strong. And people may misunderstand what I say/sign.
I have a good friend who told me, ?You are fat! You should walk and eat bananas.? At first I was offended by what she said. Then I realized that she was just trying to help me lose weight. But I would have accepted her suggestion better if her communication had been gentler.
Think about your communication today. Make sure that you are living carefully for God.