Live Close

I like to do many different things. But each day I need to say, ?God, today I want to do what You want me to do ? not what I want to do.? That is called submission. Submission means knowing that God?s way is better than my way.
God created the universe. He created me. God knows what is best for my life. He knows what He wants me to do on earth. When I live close to God, I tell Him that I know His way is best.
It is not easy to follow God. I want to do things by myself. If I was the ruler of the world, I would do things differently. But God knows better. I am not in control of the world. I am only in control of my life. And each day I need to choose to live close to God.
In our Bible Reading today, James tells us to be humble and to give ourselves to God. Then we can live close to God.