Live Faithfully

I love my dog. My dog loves me. We have a great relationship. I show my love by feeding her, buying food for her, patting her on the head and playing with her in the yard.
My dog shows her love by protecting me and guarding my house. She works very hard to obey me. My dog is faithful to me. But my dog does not obey me because I feed her or play with her. She follows my commands because she loves me and wants to be faithful to me.
God wants us to be faithful to Him. Our Bible Reading today reminds us that we show our faithfulness by our actions ? the things we do for Him. But we are not faithful to God because of the things He does for us. We are faithful to God because we love Him and we WANT to follow Him.
We need to decide each day to be faithful to God. Decide today to follow His commands and do the things He has planned for you.