Live with Us Again

In our Bible verses, the writer is very sad. Why? Because the enemy has destroyed God’s temple in Jerusalem. Soldiers cut down the temple with axes and hatchets and then burned it. It took years for God’s people to build the temple, but it was destroyed in a short time.
But the writer is not sad that the building is gone. He is sad because the temple was the place where God lived. It was the place where God’s people came to worship Him. So in verses 12-23, the writer reminds God of His greatness and power. And he asks Him to live among His people again.
Maybe your life has been ruined by sin. Maybe you feel like God is not in your life any more. Then do what the writer of Psalm 74 did — remember the wonderful things God has done and ask Him to live in your life again.
No matter what is happening in your life today, God wants to be with you and share His blessings with you.