Living or Dying?

My friend, Linda, had cancer. She had been a Christian for many years. The doctor told her that she might die. Linda answered the doctor, ?Either way I win. If I am healed, I will continue to enjoy God?s blessings here on earth. If I die, I will go to be with Jesus.?
Linda?s words remind me of our Bible Reading today. Paul wrote this letter to the Christians in the city of Philippi. Paul was very close to these Christians. In Philippians 1:7b, Paul wrote, ?…I have you in my heart ? I feel very close to you.?
But Paul had a problem. He wanted to live on earth and serve God. But he also wanted to die and live forever with God. In verse 22, Paul said, ?But what would I choose ? living or dying? I don?t know.?
Both Paul and my friend, Linda, knew they would be winners ? whether they lived or died. I hope that you are like Paul and Linda. Show God?s love in your life today.