The eighth plague was a plague of locusts. In Exodus 10:5 we read what Moses told Pharaoh about this plague.“The locusts will cover the land. There will be so many locusts that you will not be able to see the ground. Anything that was left from the hailstorm will be eaten by the locusts. The locusts will eat all the leaves from every tree in the field.”

God caused a strong wind to blow all day and night from the east. By the next morning, the wind had brought locusts to Egypt. There were so many locusts flying that the sky became dark. There were no leaves left on any trees or plants in Egypt. These locusts were probably similar to grasshoppers today, but larger and more destructive. Wow! That must have been terrible to experience all those locusts!

Think about all the terrible things that God brought on Egypt — water changing to blood, frogs, lice, flies, animal disease, boils and hail. All of these things worked together to destroy the land and crops in Egypt. By this time, Pharaoh should have been ready to be humble and ask for God’s help. Instead, he continued to be stubborn and ignore God.

There are many people in the world who are like Pharaoh. They refuse to acknowledge God as the one true God. Pray for these people today!