Longest Chapter

Psalm 119 has 176 verses. It is the longest psalm and also the longest chapter in the Bible. This psalm is made up of 22 sections, each containing 8 lines.
Psalm 119 praises God for His great wisdom and teaches us how we can please God. In the verses from our Bible Reading today, the writer shows us how we can stay close to God. First, the writer gets up “early in the morning to pray” to God (verse 147). Then he stays awake at night “to think about” God’s words (verse 148). Second, the writer says that he stays close to God and trusts His commands (verse 151).
We should be like the writer of this psalm. We should pray and study God’s Word, the Bible. And we should stay close to God and follow His commands.
Have you talked with God and read His Word today? Are you trusting Him to lead you?