Look to God

Every day I drive to work in the dark. One morning as I was driving, I thought about the cold, snowy weather, the bad traffic and bad drivers. I became discouraged as I thought about my problems and focused on my worries.
When I arrived at work, the sun was beginning to come up. I looked up at the sky. It was a mixture of yellow, pink, blue and orange. I felt like God was comforting me and giving me a wonderful gift.
I noticed other people quickly walking in the parking lot. They were not looking at the sky. These people missed God’s beautiful picture. This reminded me that it is easy to become busy and miss God’s gifts and promises. We concentrate on our problems and do not look to God for help and comfort.
In our Bible Reading today, the writer looked up and saw God’s creation. Then he realized how awesome God is. Look to God today and praise Him.