Lost Things

Have you ever lost something that was very important to you? Many years ago, I lost my billfold. I prayed that God would help me find my lost billfold. I decided to go to my mother’s house. I was surprised to find my billfold in my mother’s purse! I had walked into her house the night before when it was dark. I dropped my billfold, and it fell into her purse. I thanked God for helping me find my billfold.
In our Bible Reading, Jesus told the story about a shepherd who lost a sheep. He left his other 99 sheep to look for the one that was lost. The shepherd was very happy when he found the sheep. Jesus also told about a woman who had ten silver coins. She lost one coin. She looked and looked for the coin. The woman was so happy to find the coin that she called her family and friends to celebrate with her.
People who do not follow Jesus are lost. Verse 10 of our Bible Reading says, “In the same way, the angels of God are very happy when one sinner changes his heart.” Do you know someone who is lost? Share the Good News about Jesus with them today.