Love (2)

Our Bible verses give us another great example of love. Jesus was traveling through Samaria. He sat down at a well in the town of Sychar. There Jesus met a Samaritan woman and asked her for a drink.
The woman was shocked that Jesus asked her for a drink. In those days, Jews and Samaritans did not talk to each other. Even though Jesus was a Jew, He talked with the woman.Jesus was a man. The Samaritan was a woman. Yet, Jesus talked with the woman. Our Bible verses tell us that Jesus’ disciples were surprised to see Jesus talking with a woman. Also, Jesus was perfect. He had never sinned. The woman was a sinner. She had been married five times and was now living with another man. Yet, Jesus talked with the woman.
Jesus offered the woman “living water” so she would never thirst again. The woman believed in Jesus. She also told others about Jesus. You, too, can show Jesus’ love to others. Go and tell others about Jesus today.