Love (3)

Such incredible love is shown in our Bible Reading today. Jesus was in the temple area where He was sitting and teaching. Jewish leaders brought a woman who had been caught in bed with a man who was not her husband. This is called adultery.
The leaders shared that the Law of Moses commanded that the woman be stoned to death for adultery. They were trying to trick Jesus. How did Jesus respond? Jesus told the leaders that if any of them had never sinned they could throw the first stone at the woman. All of the leaders walked away (which shows they were sinners, too). After they left, Jesus was still standing with the woman.
Jesus never sinned. Jesus had the right to judge the woman. He could have thrown stones at the woman to punish her for their sins. But, what did Jesus do? He forgave her!
That is amazing love. Is there someone who has hurt you, offended you or stolen from you? Be like Jesus. Forgive them today.