I was very happy that I found my keys. But even if I had not found my keys, I would still have remembered that God loves me. Because He loves me, I know that things will work out fine.
The last word that I learned at the workshop was “love.” Love is an important topic in the Bible. I recently read that in the King James Version of the Bible, the word “believe” appears 131 times, the word “faith” 247 times, the word “hope” 121 times and the word “trust” 134 times. But, the word “love” is used 314 times!
In our Bible verses for today, Jesus talked to a man named Nicodemus. In verse 16, Jesus told him about God’s great love. “Yes, God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son. God gave his Son so that every person that believes in him would not be lost but have life forever.”
I lost my keys. But it is far more important that we are not “lost” in sin. God wants you to believe, have faith and hope, and trust in Him. Why? Because He loves you!