Love (4)

Jesus showed His love to His disciples in our Bible Reading today. The end of verse 1b tells us, “Now was the time he showed them his love the most.”
Jesus and His disciples were gathered for a meal before the Jewish Passover festival. While they were eating, Jesus stood up, got a towel and wrapped it around His waist. Then Jesus poured water into a bowl and washed the disciples’ feet.
In those days, people did not have fancy shoes. They often wore sandals. It was easy for their feet to become dirty. The disciples’ feet were probably very dirty. Also, Jesus is the Messiah. He is our King. Jesus could have asked His servants, the disciples, to wash His feet. But instead, Jesus washed His servants’ feet!
Such a great example of love Jesus has given us. How can you show love to your family? Wash their feet. How can you show love to your friends? Wash their feet. How can you show love to your pastor? Wash his feet.