Love (5)

After Jesus was arrested, three different people asked Peter if he was a follower of Jesus. Peter responded to each person that he was NOT a follower of Jesus. Peter denied Jesus three times. Then he felt really bad for what he had done.
Our Bible Reading today is another example of Jesus’ great and forgiving love. Jesus could have been very angry with Peter for denying Him three times. Jesus could have punished Peter. But what did Jesus do? He was patient with Peter. He continued to love Peter. Jesus also forgave Peter. Jesus asked Peter three times if he loved Him. Peter responded three times that he loved Jesus.
After Jesus went to heaven, what did Peter do? Peter became a very bold preacher. He told people about Jesus. Many people believed in Jesus and were baptized! You can read through the book of Acts and see all the wonderful things Peter did for Jesus.
Be like Jesus. Show your love to other people by being patient with them and forgiving them, too.