. . .Love

The first thing the Spirit gives is love. If I ask ten people to explain the word “love,” I would probably get ten different answers. Today many people in the world are confused about love. Some people think that love is just feeling good or getting what they want. But our Bible Reading today gives a different explanation of love.
Jesus is the greatest example of love. When I read 1 Corinthians, chapter 13, I think about Jesus. All of these descriptions about love fit Jesus perfectly! I know that Jesus is patient and kind. Jesus is not jealous, He does not boast, and He is not proud. These verses show me how Jesus acted when He was living on earth. They also show us how we should act every day.
Now, what about you? If you put your name in these verses, are the words still true? Are you patient and kind? Are you unselfish and happy with the truth?
Think about these verses today. Try to live and act like Jesus!