Love All People

James wrote a letter to encourage other Christians. James wanted his readers to understand that they needed to love all people. James said that one law ruled over all other laws. He called this law the “royal law.” What was this royal law? Love your neighbor the same as you love yourself.

It is hard to love all people the same. But in James 2:9, the writer makes it very clear that God wants us to love all people. “But if you are treating one person as more important than another, you are sinning. You are guilty of breaking God’s law.”

We should not judge other people by how much money they have, the color of their skin or how beautiful they are. Instead, we should see that all people are the same — they all need to know and worship God.

Jesus is a perfect example of someone who loved all people. In fact, He especially reached out to people who were poor and lonely. Jesus did not treat rich and famous people better than other people.

Look at people around you today. Find someone who needs to know about Jesus and His gift of salvation. Love that person and show them God’s kindness and grace.