Love and Forgiveness

Many people think if a person cries, it shows that person is weak. But I think tears can also show that a person is strong. I imagine that Joseph cried several times during his life. He probably cried when his brothers threw him into a pit and sold him into slavery in Egypt. And maybe he cried as he spent several long years in prison.

Yesterday we learned that after many years, Joseph saw his brothers again. Genesis 45:1-2 tells us what happened next. “Joseph could not control himself any longer. He cried in front of all the people who were there. Joseph said, ‘Tell everyone to leave here.’ So all the people left. Only the brothers were with Joseph. Then he told them who he was. Joseph continued to cry, and all the Egyptian people in Pharaoh’s house heard it.” Joseph was so happy to see his brothers that he cried!

Was Joseph a weak man? I don’t think he was weak. He was a powerful man who tried to serve and obey God. And Joseph was willing to show love and forgiveness to his brothers.

Perhaps you will face situations today where you need to show love and forgiveness to people who have hurt you. Ask God to help you be humble and kind like Joseph!