Love and Light

My high school science teacher told us that light is energy, so we can measure it. Then my teacher asked the class, “Can we measure darkness?” We answered, “Yes.” Then my teacher said that we cannot measure darkness because it is the absence of light. When there is no energy, we cannot measure it.
It is the same with love and hate. Hate is the absence of love. In our Bible Reading, love and hate are compared to light and darkness. The people who love others, “live in light, and there is nothing in them that will make them do wrong” (verse 10b). And people who hate live in darkness. “They don’t know where they are going, because the darkness has made them blind” (verse 11b).
I hope that you want to love others and live in the light. When you live in the light, you will be able to see God and understand how He wants you to live.