Love But Not Like?

Many Christians say, “You have to love everyone, but you don’t have to like them.” When a person says this, they are probably thinking about someone they do not get along with. The person who says this is making an excuse. Why? Because they do not want to associate with that person.
Does this agree with the kind of love we read about in the Bible? No, the Bible teaches us to not worry about liking someone. Instead, we should reach out to all people, even someone who refuses to love us!
In today’s Bible Reading, Jesus taught us that we should not reject people who are different than we are. We should show these people our love by helping them. The Samaritan in our Bible verses could have walked away from the injured man. Instead, he helped him.
Jesus wants us to be like the Samaritan. We should “go and do the same” for other people (verse 37b).