Love for Family

Our Bible Reading today tells us a wonderful story about a father who loved his son. But the son wanted to take his share of the family wealth and go away. So the father gave his son some money. The son “traveled far away to another country, and there he wasted his money living like a fool” (verse 13b).
The son spent all his money and had nothing to eat. Soon he realized that he had been foolish, so he decided to go home. He hoped his father would give him a job as a servant.
The father was watching for the son. “While the son was still a long way off, his father saw him coming and felt sorry for him. So he ran to him and hugged and kissed him” (verse 20b). The father gave his son new clothes and shoes and celebrated his return with a party.
Why did the father do all this? Because he loved his son. God wants us to show love for our family members. What can you do today to show your love to your family?