Love for Friends

King Saul’s son, Jonathan, and David were best friends. It was difficult for them to be friends. Why? Because Saul wanted to kill David.
Our Bible verses tell us that David and Jonathan met and talked about their situation. David wanted Jonathan to find out why his father was trying to kill him. Jonathan promised that he would find out how Saul felt. In doing this, Jonathan was risking his own life. Why would Jonathan do this? Because he loved his friend, David. Verse 17a says, “Jonathan loved David as himself.”
Good friends are blessings from God. It is wonderful to have a good friend you can trust. A true friend loves you despite your faults and loves you even when you are grouchy and discouraged.
Think about your friends today. Call them and thank them for being your friends. Or, do something nice for your best friend. Most of all, thank God for giving you friends who love and encourage you.