Love God

Maybe I say, “I love God,” but I never go to church, never read my Bible and never pray. Do my actions show that I love God? No! If I love God and my heart truly belongs to Him, I will want to do things that bring me closer to God. And, I will want to help other people know about God.
In our Bible Reading, the prophet Isaiah talked about the Israelites. They said that they honored God. But the Israelites didn’t do things that honored God. Verse 13b says, “These people say they love me. They show honor to me with words from their mouths. But their hearts are far from me. The honor they show me is nothing but human rules they have memorized.”
Someday that will all change. When Jesus comes back, everyone on earth will honor and respect God. All people will give God the love and honor He deserves.
Don’t wait for “someday.” Love and honor God with your actions today.