Love God

My wife and I arrived at Deaf Church for the first time. There were no cars in the parking lot. We wondered if we had arrived at the wrong time.
We walked up the sidewalk. The door to the church was open. We looked inside. A woman was standing there — she had a big smile on her face. She introduced herself as Hattie. Over the next few years we grew to love Hattie. She put broccoli in her Jell-o desserts and wore an oversized coat all year round.
But the thing that I remember the most about Hattie was her love for God. She never wanted to talk about herself. She wanted to talk about God and how much He loved her. Hattie never had much money to give, but she always gave herself to help other people.
Our Bible Reading today tells us that loving God is the most important command. Think about your life. Do the people around you see that you love God?