Love is Powerful

Many books and movies have been written about love. But most of these books and movies do not talk about true love. Why? Because the book and movie writers do not realize that the most powerful love comes only from God. When you have a strong relationship with God, you are filled with His love. His love helps you face problems each day.
Think about your childhood. Do you remember a time when you were amazed by something? Maybe you saw a mountain for the first time. Or maybe you saw a huge polar bear at the zoo. When you saw these things, you were excited and happy. But that happiness or excitement is nothing compared to God’s love for you.
The wonderful thing about God’s love is that it is free. We can’t earn His love. We don’t need to do something to receive God’s love. All we have to do is accept it. God’s love helps us each day. It helps us know how to treat other people. God’s love shows us how to solve problems with our family or friends.
Ask God to help you share His love with other people today.