Love Other People

When I was in junior high school, I tried to ignore other people. I sat alone and walked alone. Soon people started ignoring me, too.
But during this time, I had one special friend. She tried to talk to me. I only replied with angry words. But she did not give up. My friend continued to talk to me and encourage me. When I thought about killing myself, my friend still loved me. I am alive today because that friend kept on loving me.
My friend had the kind of love that Jesus talked about in our Bible Reading today. In verse 39 Jesus said, ?And the second command is like the first: ?You must love other people the same as you love yourself.?? My friend loved me as much as she loved herself.
Today you may meet someone who is scared and lonely. Take time to talk to them and encourage them. Obey Jesus? command to love them the same as you love yourself.