Love Your Enemies

When people write a contract, they sometimes include conditions or limitations at the end of the contract. These things are usually written in small print, and they are hard to read.
But with Jesus there are no conditions or limitations. When He said that we should love our enemies, that’s exactly what He meant. As Christians, we should love all people. This is not a choice; it is a commandment that we must obey.
Even if someone hurts us, Jesus says we should love them. And not only that, we should pray for these people, too! Verse 45a of our Bible Reading continues, “If you do this, then you will be true sons of your Father in heaven.”
It is sometimes hard to love our enemies. But we need to allow God to help us remove any anger or resentment we might have in our hearts. Then it will be easier to love these people and to pray for them.
Do you have enemies? Love them and pray for them today.