Love Your Enemies

I grew up in a deaf school. I got good grades and participated in sports. Then I went to a college for deaf people. I started socializing with deaf students from all over the United States.
At college I started doing things that I had not done before. Soon I was addicted to drugs. My life fell apart. I realized that I was allowing the devil to control me.
Then I learned about Jesus, and I became a Christian. The chains that had bound me to the devil were gone! I was free in Jesus.
But I felt like the people who had encouraged me to do bad things were my enemies. Then I read the verses from our Bible reading today. In these verses, Jesus tells us that we should love our enemies and pray for them. When I started loving my enemies, I felt that a burden had been lifted from my life.
What about you? Are you willing to love your enemies, forgive them and pray for them?