Loving and Kind

God is loving and kind. He never will force us to accept Him or obey His laws. He allows us to do what we want. If we want to follow other gods, He will let us. If we want to follow our own plan instead of His, He won’t interfere. We can stay close to God or stay far away from Him.
Often we choose to go our own way and not follow God. In verses 13-14 of our Bible Reading, God says, “If my people would listen to me and would live the way I want, then I would defeat their enemies. I would punish those who cause them trouble.”
God wants to show us the great things He will do if we obey Him. But He is loving and kind, so He lets us choose what we will do.
Every day we must choose to follow our way or God’s way. Our way usually leads to temporary pleasure. But God’s way leads to eternal life. Which way will you choose today?