Loving Others

Carolyn’s husband, Steve, had four strokes. Each stroke was worse than the one before. Finally, Steve’s brain was damaged. Carolyn had health problems, too, but she had to keep working so they would have insurance. Carolyn had to hire a person to take care of Steve while she was at work.
In our Bible Reading today, Paul encourages us to act like God’s holy people. “Show mercy to others. Be kind, humble, gentle, and patient” (verse 12b). We can do those things by helping people like Steve and Carolyn.
There are probably people you know who take care of their family members. Often these caregivers do not eat well or get enough sleep. We can pray for these people. But maybe we need to do more. We can take care of the sick person so the caregiver can have some rest. We can take meals to them or just visit with them for a short time.
Look for ways today to show God’s love to other people!