Paul had a vision from God. In that vision he saw a man from Macedonia in Greece. The man said to Paul, “Come across to Macedonia and help us” (Acts 16:9b). Right away Paul and his friends sailed to Macedonia.
In the city of Philippi, Paul went to the river to pray. There he met a woman named Lydia. She sold purple cloth. She also worshiped God. Paul preached to her and she “and all the people living in her house were baptized” (verse 15a). Later she invited Paul and his friends to stay at her house.
Lydia’s heart was open to receive the Good News about Jesus. Right away she shared that news with the people who lived in her house. And she shared her home with Paul and his friends. Lydia is a good example of a Christian who truly loved and served God.
Look for ways that God can use you to serve Him today.