Our Bible Reading today tells us that Paul and Silas traveled to the city of Philippi. On the Sabbath Day (Saturday), they went to the river to find a place to pray. There Paul and Silas found a group of women who worshiped God.
Verse 14 tells us that one of these women, Lydia, was a seller of purple cloth. Probably Lydia was a wealthy person. Purple cloth was expensive. Only very rich people or royalty (kings and queens) wore clothes made from purple cloth.
But it is not important that Lydia was wealthy. What is important is that she listened to Paul speak about Jesus. She believed what Paul said. She and the people in her household were baptized. Then she invited Paul and Silas to stay in her home.
We don’t know what happened to Lydia after Paul and Silas left. But I imagine that she was excited and told her friends about Jesus. Lydia is a good example for us to follow. We need to be willing to follow Jesus and tell others about Him.