Make God Happy

When I was a child, my parents punished me when I disobeyed. When that happened, my parents were sad. Why? Because they were not happy when I disobeyed. My parents still loved me, but they were disappointed that I had decided to do wrong.
Sometimes God is not happy with us. Verse 6a of our Bible Reading today says, ?Without faith, a person cannot please God.? God is not happy when we do not believe that He can take care of us.
The rest of verse 6 says that we must believe God is real and we must want to have a relationship with God. If we do those things, then God will bless us.
As you go through this day, look for things around you that show God is real ? like trees, clouds, birds or rainbows. Then get close to God by talking to Him and studying His Word, the Bible. God will be happy, and He will bless you.